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Department of Economic Affairs chooses Intra

Measure Corona compliancy

The Dutch Department of Economic Affairs and Climate has chosen Intra. Centillien emerged as the winner in a public tender. A large number of parties submitted their offers. Intra performed above expectations and had a number of extras that were not requested, but where greatly appreciated. Intra is our flagship in the field of Computer Vision. It is applicable in multiple branches and for multiple applications.

Our government was looking for a solution that could test compliance with corona prevention measurements and report on them. The video below briefly shows how Intra can do that.

Open your doors safe and responsibly


For the awarded contract we have to realize a number of things. Counting people in a room, checking whether the 1.5 meter distance is valid and that no dangerous group formation will occur. Intra can detect the body temperature of people in real time, we do this by using heat detection camera’s.

An important aspect is that privacy in the Netherlands and Europe is very important. As a result we have to do the measurements anonymously. We will be using the same thermal image technology to do measure distance.


Recent scientific research shows that aerosols contribute to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Therefore we decided to add humidity as an additional measurement. This feature is not yet part of Intra, but we intend to realize this within the project.


Part of the decision of the department of economic affairs was the low entry price of our solution. The set price, consisting of 1 camera, Intra software and an industrial mini PC, is 3,000 euro excl. VAT. In areas where several cameras have to be placed, further savings can be made.

The solution offered is interesting for all companies and organizations that want to save costs in monitoring the measures. At the same time it gives larger groups of people access to their building or event. So don’t hesitate to contact us

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