Can't predict yet what exactly is needed?

Prepaid ticket strips

Prepaid ticket strips

We offer our services also prepaid with attractive pricing based on the number of hours you need. We will work at reduced prices for various kind of services

What can you expect ?

We offer the prepaid budgets bases on the number of hours you estimate. You can use the prepaid budget for all our skills. Services include consultancy, design, model training and project management and even custom development.

For whom ?

Customers which are in preparation of an AI project and need to gather data for training for instances. Or advice on how to approach and scope a project. Volume discounts. You’ll find the prepaid budgets here. With a good expiration date. prepaid hours can be spent up to two years after purchase. Interested in a prepaid ? Contact us here. We’re happy to advise you!

Prepaid ticket strips

Other services

In addition to the prepaid ticket strips, we also offer full service package. We are focused on providing a total solution. That is not only a product, but also the services that are necessary to realize its implementation. take a look

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